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Caught in Reflection is an endurance performance/video installation in which the artist dances to Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ repeatedly until exhaustion. Colgan dances alone in his bedroom for approximately 50 minutes, pausing only to replay the song.

This project contains additional smaller works (referred to as 'remnants') that have been developed alongside Caught In Reflection.

Photography by Alessandro Bianchetti TROUPE WEB.jpg
Hello Earth... Hello Earth... (Remnant I), 2015.
Caught In Reflection (excerpt), 2014.
Caught In Reflection (Install Document I), 2015.
Caught In Reflection (Install Document II), 2015.
Cavoodle of Love (Remnant II), 2015.

Promotional image for the NLNL x PICA Event - Playlist by Liam Colgan.